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Bertolt Brecht

A Respectable Wedding

A Respectable Wedding <em>Photo: Damjan Švarc</em>

Photo: Damjan Švarc

Drama SNG Maribor
23. 10. 2010, 19.30 // STARA DVORANA
Running time 1 hour and 10 minutes. No interval.

5. 12. 2009 Stara dvorana, Drama SNG Maribor

Director Mateja Koležnik
Translators Eduard Miler, Irena Novak Popov
Adaptation of the translation Mateja Koležnik
Translater of the song Andrej Rozman Roza
Dramaturge Tanja Lužar
Set designer Henrik Ahr
Costume designer Alan Hranitelj
Composer Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar
Choreographer Magdalena Reiter
Lighting designer Franci Rampre
Language consultant Metka Damjan

The Bride’s Father Peter Boštjančič
The Bridegroom’s Mother Irena Varga
The Bride Mateja Pucko
Her sister Maša Židanik
Bridegroom Nejc Ropret
His Friend Vladimir Vlaškalić
The Wife Ksenija Mišič
The Husband Davor Herga
The Jung Man Matija Stipanič

In A Respectable Wedding (1919) Brecht ruthlessly ridiculed the apparent perfection, false morality, sentimentality and commonness of the petite bourgeoisie. The world of illusiory happiness of the petite bourgeoisie, which reaches its peak with a wedding, collapses in front of the audience along with the groom’s handmade furniture, which breaks even before the wedding reception is over.

The young couple’s happiest day turns hellish: "Tomorrow everyone will know what it was like and everybody will laugh. In church they will be looking at us while thinking of the furniture and the lamp that wasn’t lit and what’s even worse, of the bride being pregnant. And I was going to say that it was a premature birth." A Respectable Wedding features witty and relaxed dialogue, word play, allegorical turns and absurd humour.