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Maribor Theatre Festival — Archive 2010 - 2016

Selector of the 50th Maribor Theatre Festival

Amelia Kraigher

Editor, publicist, theatre scientist, dramaturge, language editor and translator. She graduated in comparative literature and Slovenian language at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. From 1997 to 2010, she was regularly writing for daily newspapers (Dnevnik, Večer, Primorske novice, Gorenjski glas) and radio (Radio Študent, Radio Koper), and she still contributes articles and essays to professional publications in the field of arts and the humanities (Maska, ČKZ, Sodobnost, theatre bills, Revija 2000, Zofa), and anthologies. As a dramaturge, she has collaborated in 13 theatre, puppet and dance performances thus fur.

She was the editor in the Redaction for Culture and the Humanities at Radio Študent (2000–2002); she was a co-founder of the Maska Institute, a member of the editorial board (1997–2006) and the editor in-chief (2012–2017) of Maska, Performing Arts Journal, and the organiser of the Seminar of Contemporary Performing Arts. She has also attended several (international) professional theatrical meetings, workshops, symposia and discussion panels in Europe and in Asia. She co-edited and wrote several articles in the field of theatre and contemporary dance for the Great Slovenian Biographical Glossary (Mladinska knjiga, 2008); she worked as organizer and editor for publications issued by the Week of Slovenian Drama festival (2000–2004); she was a dramaturge in Drama, Slovenian National Theatre Maribor (2003/2004, 2004/2005). She was the head of the international symposium Art, Culture, City at the Maribor Theatre Festival Borštnikovo srečanje - Maribor Theatre Festival (2009), a member of professional juries for the Grum Award for the best Slovenian play (2006, 2007), the Šeligo Award at the Week of Slovenian Drama (2010, 2011), a member of the jury of the Maribor Theatre Festival (2010, 2011) and the jury of the 14th international puppet festival Golden Spark in Kragujevac, Serbia (2012). She was the selector for the 4th biennial Slovenian dance festival Gibanica (2009), the 5th and the 6th Biennial of Slovenian Puppeteers (2009, 2011), the international puppet festival Lutke (2010), the 42nd and the 43rd Week of Slovenian Drama (2012, 2013), and she is the selector for the 49th and 50th national theatre festival Borštnikovo srečanje - Maribor Theatre Festival (2014, 2015).

She was also a member of several expert committees for performing arts at the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia (2002–2005, 2009–2012), the Department of Culture at the Municipality of Ljubljana (2004, 2007–2009), and the European Commission programme Culture 2000 (2005). She has been an active member of the Association of Theatre Critics and Researchers of Slovenia since 2008, UNIMA Slovenia, a member of the professional board of the Puppetry Astists Institution of Slovenia (2011–2015) and a member of the Biennial of Slovenian Puppeteers (2012–2014). In 2011, she received the scholarship awarded by the Taras Kermauner Institute for young researchers working in the field of Slovenian drama.