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Maribor Theatre Festival — Archive 2010 - 2016

Ivan Cankar, Jurij Souček


Kurent <em>Photo: Miha Fras</em>

Photo: Miha Fras

Mini teater Ljubljana
22. 10. 2010, 18.00 // KOMORNI ODER - CHAMBER STAGE
Running time 45 minutes. No interval.

21. 1. 2010 Mini teater Ljubljana

Concept and interpretation Jurij Souček
Director Robert Waltl
Set design SON:da
Costume design Ana Savić Gecan

Kurent’s life is interesting, original and grotesque. Plagued by inner doubts ("You won’t make it, no matter how hard you try"), he takes it in stride and seeks his own path and meaning of life, as if ignoring apprehensions. He wants to become an emperor, apope, a musician, but it is the job of a priest and pastor that is in store for him. No wonder then that he sells his soul to be ableto indulge in merry tunes. He sells his soul unaware to secure his place under the sun. And yet his happiness is not destined to last long in the face of the sorrow, misfortune and tears that he encounters on his way.