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An Evening with Mila Kačič

An Evening with Mila Kačič <em>Photo: Alenka Pirnat</em>

Photo: Alenka Pirnat

Senzorium, SNG Drama Ljubljana, Festival Ljubljana
16. 10. 2010, 18.00 // MALI ODER - SMALL STAGE
Running time 45 minutes. No interval.

First opening
12. 3. 2009 Ljubljanski grad, Festival Ljubljana

Second opening
24. 4. 2010 SNG Drama Ljubljana under the patronage of: Ljubljana - World Book Capital

Director Barbara Pia Jenič
Costumes and set Incognito design
Music by Jelena Ždrale, Nino de Gleria,Tjaša Fabjančič
Lighting design Senzorium
Photography Alenka Pirnat
Video design Tomaž Gasparič, Mojca Brecelj
Translations Polona Prodnik

Ivanka Mežan
Štefka Drolc
Iva Zupančič

Katja Šulc vocals
Robert Jukič contrabas
Vasilij Centrih violin
Marko Brdnik accordion

Vida Breže, Samuel Fragiacomo

An Evening with Mila Kačič is a presentation of selected poems from hercollection, Skoz pomladni dež bom šla (Through the Spring Rain I’ll Walk) and a monument to spiritual affinity, the power of love and loyalty amongfriends. The sensitive susceptibility and intuition of Barbara Pia Jenič, the director, followed Mila Kačič through the eyes and heart of IvankaMežan: Ivanka’s memories, feelings, experiences, conflicts, pain, defeatsand despair. Each poem is a story reflected in the interpretative approachof the great actresses of Slovenian theatre. During the performance Mila’s spirit can be felt, dancing around the auditorium and whirling in the vastness of universal time and space - between life and death, in thetimeless reality granted by the power of words.