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Andrés Valdés

Truths Wrapped in Humour

Truths Wrapped in Humour <em>Photo: Sašo Štih</em>

Photo: Sašo Štih

Andrés Valdés
19. 10. 2010, 18.00 // CHAMBER STAGE - KOMORNI ODER
Running time 1 hour. No interval.

1 April 2010 Klub Cankarjev dom

Concept, script and direction Andrés Valdés

Andrés Valdés
Jana Kovač Valdés
Moderator Veronika Valdés

Andrés Valdés returns to the stage with the performance, Truths Wrappedin Humour, after a period of successful productions for young people. Thesoft expressiveness and staggering mobility of the body transpose us to theworld of "pure" pantomime, illustrating well-known domestic and foreignsayings. Relaxing scenes reveal the reality of our existence. Short storiesrefl ect optimism and life truths. Life is a concatenation of unpredictableevents, some cruel, but invariably combining beauty and harmony.