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Based on France Prešeren

The Baptism at the Savica

The Baptism at the Savica <em>Photo: Tadej Vindiš</em>

Photo: Tadej Vindiš

Lutkovno gledališče Maribor
PREMIERA 20. 10. 2010, 18.00 // MINORITI - Puppet Theatre Maribor
Running time 45 minutes. No interval.

Director Andreja Kovač
Language consultant Metka Damjan

Maksimiljan Dajčman
Metka Jurc
Davorin Kramberger
Danilo Trstenjak
Barbara Jamšek as guest
Maruša Majer as guest
Vito Weis as guest

France Prešeren is generally regarded as the national poet. "The Baptism atthe Savica" is Prešeren’s most comprehensive poem. Set during the religious wars between pagan Slovene ancestors and the overpowering forces of Christianity in the late 8th century, it offers a rich puppet theatre inspirationfor embodying collective and individual emotional states. When dreams collapse into dust and the last battle is lost, a young general,Črtomir, returns home to meet his beloved Bogomila for the last time. But while he was away fighting, she was drawn to the idea of the afterlife, where she and Črtomir would love each other for all eternity. Bogomila has turned to Christianity, and under the Savica waterfall Črtomir, the last Slovene hero, also renounces the religion of his ancestors.