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Maribor Theatre Festival — Archive 2010 - 2016

Carlo Collodi, Jernej Lorenci


Pinocchio <em>Photo: Gregor Lorenci</em>

Photo: Gregor Lorenci

Lutkovno gledališče Maribor
22. 10. 2010, 17.00 // AMFITEATER II. GIMNAZIJE
Running time 1 hour. No interval.

6. 10. 2007 Lutkovno gledališče Maribor

Director and dramaturge Jernej Lorenci
Puppet designer Gregor Lorenci
Set designer Branko Hojnik
Costume designer Belinda Radulović
Composer Branko Rožman
Lighting designer David Orešič

Aleksandar Kuzmanovski cello
Branko Rožman accordion
Lovro Turin clarinet

Petra Caserman
Maksimiljan Dajčman
Karla Godič
Metka Jurc
Davorin Kramberger
Andrej Murenc as guest

Pinocchio was born a wooden puppet, clumsy and ignorant. He didn’t have a mother, just a father. His father loved him very much. But Pinocchio didn’t know what love was. He didn’t know how to love. Therefore, ha was often mean. He thought that he could do whatever he liked. He thought that the whole world was meant for him, that the purpose of everything was to satisfy him. He thought that he was the only measure of satisfaction. He thought that life had nothing to do with others. Slowly, he started to learn that life was always with others, that one was never alone. In fact, nobody wanted to be alone at all. It was only then that Pinocchio became a real child, a true boy. He didn’t want to be a puppet anymore. He was fed up with wood. Wood didn’t have a heart, but he wanted one - to feel, and to feel alive. For that reason, he needed to learn about fear. There is no man without fear, so he was told. And he was not scared of fear anymore, although he was afraid. Only then, and still afraid, he became a boy. But he knew that there was no man without fear.