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Maribor Theatre Festival — Archive 2010 - 2016

Venedikt Jerofejev, Primož Ekart


Zavod Imaginarni, Društvo Familija
19. 10. 2010, 22.00 // JAZZ KLUB SATCHMO
Runnig time 1 hour 15 minutes. No interval.

20. 11. 2009, Variete Kavarna Union

Translator Drago Bajt
Director Primož Ekart
Dramatization and songs by Primož Ekart
Music by Marko Brdnik, Luka Ropret
Costume designer Meta Sever
Lighting and sound designer Blaž Celarec
Design Neja Engelsberger
Photographer Peter Uhan

Primož Ekart
Žiga Saksida
Luka Ropret
Marko Brdnik

Venya travels on a train from Moscow to Petushki, 130 km away, to meet the (current) love of his life. As the journey unfolds, his aversion for the world emerges in the form of increasingly fervent philosophical-drunken drivel. The lumpenproleterian Venya is a poet, womanizer and a drink-artist, a meta-physicist, a seeker of God and the finder of a paradise on earth called Petushki; among other things, he is the inventor of intoxicating potions called Komsomol Star, The Balsam of Caanan and Dog Guts; he is also a cable-fitter at the Moscow Sheremetyevo airport and the author of a patriotic statement uttered in profound spiritual delirium: You turned my country into a shitty hell where laughter is allowed and tears are forbidden.