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Fran Levstik, Ira Ratej

Martin and Gregor or From a Hero to a Fool

Martin and Gregor or From a Hero to a Fool

Cankarjev dom Ljubljana
20. 10. 2010, 12.00 // AMFITEATER II. GIMNAZIJA
Running time 55 minutes. No interval.

14  January 2010 Štihova dvorana, Cankarjev dom

Director Matjaž Latin
Adapted by Ira Ratej
Composer Boštjan Gombač
Costume design Barbara Stupica
Set design Barbara Stupica
Sound designer Samo Brnović
Light designer France Albreht

Martin Krpan Pavle Ravnohrib
Gregor Boštjan Gombač

A cunning salt-smuggler, engaged in saving the Vienna court from the troublesome Brdavs, Krpan epitomises strength, common sense and pride. He displays not a trace of servility; he has neither doubts nor fears. In the present, when we all get our fi fteen minutes of fame, and each of us is a kind of protagonist in their own mini soap opera, we tend to forget what stuff real heroes are made of. We have therefore decided to allow Martin Krpan once again into our midst. Brought to life in a contemporary way, with profuse refl ection on the present, the drama features a "duel" between Gregory, a typical representative of the authoritative "nouveaux riches", and the herculean Martin Krpan, dedicated to human and moral values as well as truth.