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Ulrike Syha

Private Life

Private Life <em>Photo: Peter Uhan</em>

Photo: Peter Uhan

SNG Drama Ljubljana
16. 10. 2010, 19.00 // GREAT HALL - VELIKA DVORANA
Running time 1 hour and 45 minutes. No interval.

29. 1. 2010 Mala Drama, SNG Drama Ljubljana

Translator Mojca Kranjc
Director Ivana Djilas
Dramaturge Darja Dominkuš
Costume designer Jelena Proković
Set designer Branko Hojnik
Music by Boštjan Gombač
Lighting designer Milan Podlogar
Language consultant Tatjana Stanič
Assistant dramaturge Eva Kraševec

He (Lutz) Uroš Fürst
She (Karla) Barbara Cerar
Rainer and other roles Branko Šturbej
Pablo and other roles Saša Tabaković
Karla’s father and other roles Andrej Nahtigal
Larissa and other roles Nina Valič

She and He, two reserved individualists, first meet in the train. They are both relatively well-off, average people in their early middle age who live a modern urban way of life. They bump into each other again a few hours later and it’s just another coincidence, even though it is followed by spending the night together. They like each other in a way, but they just cannot deal with their private life. However, they are slowly drawn together through a string of coincidences.

The nine scenes are interspersed with short episodes, including flashbacks and direct address to the audience. The two protagonists describe their winding road, and it turns out that "private life", which they tend to deny, is actually love. Ulrike Syha represents the youngest generation of German playwrights. She was awarded the prestigious Kleist Advancement Award for young playwrights for her second play On the Road in Germany (2002).