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Ciril Kosmač, Srečko Fišer

Colloquies, Soliloquies

Colloquies, Soliloquies <em>Photo: atelje Pavšič - Zavadlav</em>

Photo: atelje Pavšič - Zavadlav

SNG Nova Gorica
18. 10. 2010, 20.00 // GREAT HALL - VELIKA DVORANA
Runing time 1 hour and 25 minutes. No interval

8. 4. 2010 Velika dvorana, SNG Nova Gorica

Director Jaša Jamnik
Stage adaptation Srečko Fišer
Dramaturge Martina Mrhar
Costume designer Maja Ballund
Set designer Jože Logar
Composer Gregor Strniša
Lighting designer Samo Oblokar
Language consultant Alida Bevk

First, Peter Iztok Mlakar
Second, Izidor Kristijan Guček
Third, Moj Jezus Branko Ličen
Muse, Zinka Helena Peršuh

With Colloquies, Soliloquies Kosmač’s literature enters the stage in two independent, but internally linked theatre texts, performed by four interpreters. The first text mirrors the author’s internal, intimate landscape, his contemplations, doubts, and witty comments. In it, the figure of the creator author is split and analysed as a dramatic script through (self-) analysis by three performers and a Muse in an abstract common space. The second centres on the tragi-comic life-story of Venc Poviškaj, one of the typical village ‘characters’ that Kosmač so loved. In a country inn, the four people who were closest to the misfit and outcast gather after the funeral; in reliving his life and the tragic decision, each recognises his share of guilt.