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Patrick Marber


Closer <em>Photo: Damjan Švarc</em>

Photo: Damjan Švarc

Drama SNG Maribor
22. 10. 2010, 21.30 // MALI ODER
Running time 1 hour 45 minutes. No interval.

5. 2. 2010 Mali oder, SNG Maribor

Translator Tina Mahkota
Director Dino Mustafić
Dramaturge Željka Udovičić
Set designer Dragutin Broz
Costume designer Leo Kulaš
Music selection Dino Mustafić
Choreograpfer Mark Boldin
Lighting designer Franci Rampre
Language consultant Janez Bostič

Alice Eva Kraš
Dan Matevž Biber
Larry Branko Jordan
Anna Nataša Matjašec Rošker

Patrick Marber (1964) is one of the major contemporary British playwrights. His plays Dealer’s Choice (1995) and Closer (1997), which he directed himselfand which premiered at the National Theatre in London, made him ahousehold name. Closer remains one of the most successful plays on the topic of relationships, telling tragicomic stories of four highly complex charactersin a witty manner. The play has brought Marber several prestigious awards at home and abroad. This sarcastic comedy, which deals with modern relationships without hesitation, hides painful and sad truths about close relationships under the surface. The tragicomedy reveals relationships between four protagonists: Alice - the stripper, Dan - the writer, Larry - the doctor and Anna - the photographer. Love is the central theme, but the story also talks about "other things - sexual jealousy, male selfishness, lies which we tell to ourselves and to the people we are most intimate with, and about the ways in which we take advantage of other people. But in the end, the play is just a simple, beautiful love story. And as with most love stories, things go wrong here as well …".