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Penelope Wehrli, Detlev Schneider

Transforming Acts

Transforming Acts

German Centre of the International Theatre Institute (ITI), A TANZFONDS ERBE (DE)


Première 15 August 2014, HAU3, Berlin

Authors of concept Penelope Wehrli, Detlev Schneider, Michael Freundt
Author of interviews and spacial scores Penelope Wehrli
Dramaturg Detlev Schneider
Project manager Michael Freundt
Technical director Thomas Koch

Archive research and digitalization Thilo Wittenbecher / Mime Centrum Berlin
Research assistant Christopher Langer
System architecture Joa Glasstetter
Kamera of video portraits Sirko Knüpfer
Video editing Constanze Altmann, Beate Kunath
Sound designer Christian Obermaier
Constructor Eik Döring


Since the 1970s, dance has been providing impulses for artists seeking future-oriented means of expression. Dance therefore crossed the borders between genres and categories and deeply influenced the avant-garde theatre. The media installation project Transforming Acts shows the processes of inspiration and transformation in the last three decades of the 20th century in impressive pieces by exemplary protagonists: Pina Bausch, Laurent Chetouane, Jo Fabian, Jan Fabre, Johann Kresnik, Thomas Lehmen, Heiner Müller, Einar Schleef, Meg Stuart, Robert Wilson, The Wooster Group, VA Wölfl / Neuer Tanz (in alphabetical order). Archival material of the selected projects and interview material are presented in modules within a spatial composition of projection screens; at the same time, they enter into a dialogue and are concentrated according to themes. The installation is in a kaleidoscope-like, dynamic "live mode”, operating as "a self-generating” loop without a defined beginning or end. Visitors may enter to view it at any time.

The videokaleidoscope installation can be seen during the festival every day from 17.00-22.00.

Transforming Acts
Transforming Acts
Transforming Acts
Transforming Acts