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The Table

The Table

Karbido (POL)
20. 10. 2010, 21.00 & 23.00 // OLD HALL - STARA DVORANA
Running time 1 hour. No interval.

March 2006

Michal Litwiniec
Igor Gawlikowski
Pawel Czepulkowski
Marek Otwinowski

Sound enginer Jacek Fedorowicz
Lighting designer Tomasz Sikora

The Table project stemmed from two ideas: to bring together at one table the east, the west, the north and the south, and to communicate through the sounds of instruments that are not instruments but ordinary objects we all know. This is an innovative approach to music and theatre - the spectator listens, views and observes the details. The performance received the major award at the PPP festival of alternative theatre in Poland and was invited to appear at the Edinburgh Festival, where it was graded with 5 stars.