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Georg Büchner

Leonce and Lena

Leonce and Lena

Maladype (H)
21. 10. 2010, 22.00 // GRAT HALL - VELIKA DVORANA
Running time 2 hours. No interval.

9. 5. 2008 Bárka Theatre

Hungarian translation Gábor Thurzó, György Rónay
Directed by Zoltán Balázs
Set design Judit Gombár
Dramaturge Judit Góczán
Assistant director Mirella Mátrai
Production manager Balázs Erős

King Peter, Prince Leonce, Valerio
Zénó Faragó, Ákos Orosz, Zoltán lendváczky, Zsolt Páll, Ádám Tompa
Princess Lena, The governess, Rosetta, The Court
Kamilla Fátyol, Judit Ligeti-Kovács, Erika Tankó
Percussions Kornél Mogyoró

Due to unique dramaturgy that play fully combines the precise elaborationof the work with the single and unrepeatable experience of "happening here and now", the performance of Leonce and Lena is different every night, but always valid and current for the day it has been born.