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Instant play/performance

Playwriting Workshop at the First Grammar School Maribor in collaboration with AGRFT UL

We will organise a special playwriting workshop in collaboration with the First Grammar School Maribor and AGRFT UL. In this workshop, the students of Maribor First Grammar School will write short plays in one day under the mentorship of associate professor Žanina Mirčevska, M.A. Those plays will then be staged by the AGRFT UL students and performed in front of an audience. This time, the students will first search for a story or inspiration in the field, that is, in real life, and write short plays based on real-life stories. Perhaps the outcome will be documentary plays or plays with classical dramatic structure inspired by true events. We have named the event "Instant Play/Performance” as all of these activities will unfold between 10am and 6pm.

The experimental playwriting workshop represents a short seminar in playwriting and is aimed at instigating creativity in young people and at once featuring the power of their creativity.