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Nika Leskovšek

D – i – Y Per for MANCE

D – i – Y  Per for MANCE

Production Nika Leskovšek

An interactive play that takes the participants through 36 fixed dramatic situations and in spite of that each time has a unique outcome by chance.


Première 1. 12. 2014, private studio
Running time depending on the spectators / the usage of chance (1 hour 30 minutes to 3 hours)

Author of conCepT and the in-sce-nation NikA LeSKoVšeK
Per-forming in collaboration with the participants
Sound and lighting designer Matjaž Mrak
An own production by a self-employed in culture, Nika Leskovšek


D – i – Y  Per for MANCE is a research project in permanent creation. Through the inter-action of the participants and the 36 fixed dramatic situation it explores the effect of chance: while the actors travel the thin line between being thrown in a situation and their own creative decisions, they also expand the boundaries between play, theatre and life.

D – i – Y  Per for MANCE is a participatory event that is offered to the participants as a possibility to create their own performance. The outcome of each show are at least four performances in one. Its re-activity investigates in a playful manner the im-possible conditions of capitalist hyper-production, its patteRns, loopholes and patched solutions, wherein the creator is solely in charge of the process of the creation of the performance. In a given situation it represents the creative field of freedom in the collective remodelling of instructions. Creativity torn between arts and crafts in assembling the performance.

D – i – Y  Per for MANCE is entirely hand made and coloured with bic colours.

D – i – Y  Per for MANCE
D – i – Y  Per for MANCE
D – i – Y  Per for MANCE
D – i – Y  Per for MANCE