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Marko Mandić, Bojana Kunst, Katarina Stegnar, Uroš Kaurin

Via Nova – Being Ignacij Borštnik

Via Nova – Being Ignacij Borštnik <em>Photo: Marcandrea</em>

Photo: Marcandrea

Three performances from Via Nova series

Running time 2 hours. No interval.
Individual performances have been premiered as follows: VIVA MANDIĆ, 4 October 2009, Old Power Station Ljubljana; NO ONE SHOULD HAVE SEEN THIS, 26 June 2009, PSI (Performance Studies International) conference 15, ZKM Zagreb (as a part of Via Nova Symposium collective presentation); TONIGHT I CELEBRATE, 7 October 2009, Old Power Station Ljubljana.

Author of concept and director Bojan Jablanovec
Producer Špela Trošt
Production Via Negativa, Coproduction Gledališče Glej

Viva Mandić

Conceived by Marko Mandić, Bojan Jablanovec
Performer Marko Mandić
Text The argumentation of "Prešernov sklad" Award for 2009
Video "Marko" Marko Mandić
Video "Mandić" Bojan Jablanovec

No one should have seen this

Text Bojana Kust, Katarina Stegnar
Performers Alja Predan, Katarina Stegnar

Tonight I celebrate

Conceived by Uroš Kaurin, Bojan Jablanovec
Text Bojan Jablanovec
Performers Uroš Kaurin, Tomaž Grom
Music adaptation Tomaž Grom

Being Ignacij Borštnik is a common title for three Via Nova performances that relate closely with the context of BS and are for the first time linked under this title.